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April 29, 2016

We are delighted Apollo has been shortlisted for the ITSPA Awards 2016 - Best VoIP Innovation. All the very best to other Finalists. Roll-on May 11th! - Steve Walker, CEO Ciptex #VoIP #telecoms

What is Apollo?

Apollo is a flexible, low-cost, intuitive and completely self-service VoIP telephony platform that delivers full control over IP telephony to the User. From Sign-Up, adding telephone numbers, creating extensions and voice-boxes, to setting up and managing inbound call flows, creating IVR’s, ring and hunt groups, and defining out-of-hours routes through to provisioning their own devices - and all for a near limitless number of users. Users can manage call-forwarding rules, view call records, and actively listen to call recordings in real-time; and also control number presentation for any extension, by assigning a CLI from within their Ciptex number ranges.

“As development lead, we decided to utilise an API-First strategy to build Apollo, with a strong slant toward open-source. This keeps the door open for us and other developers to continually add value to Apollo - Matt Duggan, Head of Product Development, Ciptex

Perfect for IT Managers and Business Owners, Apollo presents Users with simple device-provisioning details in an unambiguous way, giving them access to easily configure their own IP handsets, soft and smart-phone Apps in addition to forwarding directly to mobile devices. By delivering DIY provisioning details directly to end-users, Apollo gives unparalleled flexibility in device choice, and seeks to make IP telephony configurable by anyone. 

“We carefully considered how to design the Apollo UI. We recognised that an attractive, intuitive interface was required to encourage basic IT-literate Users to use the platform. We opted for Material Design - familiar icons and functionality that creates an inclusive, satisfying user experience that meets Users expectations of software today.” - Mubin Khan, Marketing Manager, Ciptex  

Why Apollo, Why Now?

The market overall has undergone some serious changes. IT managers are expected to bring telephony squarely into their remit, adding to their workload and budgetary pressures. At the same time, the physical ‘office’ and ‘desk’ has changed, with staff operating from multiple remote locations more and more, often geographically segregated from each other, and also with BYO Devices. Many businesses today only require a simple dial-tone system for landline, with a handful of key features, that works alongside independent mobile devices, and is cost-effective. Apollo was designed for IT managers, Executives, Business Owners and non-technical staff - still generally IT-literate-to-savvy end-Users with DIY telephony. 

“We’re really pleased with Apollo. And its just the beginning. There is still lots to do to optimise the user experience, and develop the right commercial partnerships for purposeful integrations.” - Jolyon Parsons, Commercial Director, Ciptex. 

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Steve Walker
Steve is Head Honcho at Ciptex. He has over 25 years’ experience in Telecoms and IT and has held senior positions in public, private and VC backed companies in both the UK and Ireland. At the age of 27 he started his first business, Direct Voice & Data Ltd and was a semi-finalist in Entrepreneur of the Year 2000. The business was acquired in late 2000 by Convergent Communications Plc where Steve became Sales Director, before becoming Divisional Director for Azzurri Communications. In his last role, Steve was MD of Avaya partner and Systems Integrator IP Integration, specialising in Enterprise and Contact Centre solutions. Along the way Steve has also founded and sold a telecoms business specialising in Contact Centres in Ireland. In addition to competitive sports and Motorsport, Steve is passionate about the benefits that Hosted Solutions can provide when correctly designed and implemented.

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